Climate Ambassador 2018 nomination

On 14 January 2019, the Environmental Info-point for the SME sector (miK) and the province of Flemish Brabant announced the winner of Climate Ambassador 2018. We would like to congratulate DNS Belgium in obtaining this title. Alpak was one of the three nominated companies.

Climate Ambassador

Each year, miK declares a Flemish Brabant company climate ambassador. miK is a collaboration between the province of Flemish Brabant and the VOKA Chambers of Commerce of Flemish Brabant. With this competition they wish to encourage businesses to reduce the CO2 emissions of their operations and thereby contribute to a climate-neutral Flemish Brabant. A jury selected three finalists based on criteria such as relevance of the sustainable activities, the extent of the activities and the implementation of sustainability within the core business of the company. The three finalists were DNS BelgiumAdSomeNoise and Alpak, the current Houweling Group.

Alpak nominated

We were nominated because we implement circular enterprise in our daily practice:

  • Reusing packaging: We collect used packaging, clean and repair them and the put them back into the market.
  • Recycling: We develop and supply recycled products.
  • Sustainable enterprise: The solar panels on the roof of our warehouse produces the energy that we need. What’s more, we use filtered water and our rinse water is purified and reused.

Constant innovation

We are proud of our nomination for Climate Ambassador 2018. This shows that we are seriously working on sustainability. We care. We do. We fulfill. If you would like to know what our sustainable solutions can do for you, please feel free to contact us!