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Protect the environment and preserve valuable raw materials. Collection and processing of used packaging, work clothing and PPE.

Waste is a raw material

Sustainable and circular enterprise becomes easier if you take advantage of our recoservice. We collect used packaging, work clothing and PPE from your premises and take care of re-use or processing of the materials. Anything which you can no longer use in its current form will often be of value in some other way. Our recoservice ensures that you will not have to worry about your flow of waste and you can rest assured that valuable raw materials are preserved.

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We can collect and process the following used packagings for you:

  • intermediate bulk containers (ibcs)
  • jerrycans (plastic)
  • barrels (metal, plastic and cardboard/fibre)
  • pallets (wood and plastic)
  • buckets (plastic)

The original contents of the packaging must be clearly stated before collection can take place. We also have certain requirements regarding the way in which the packaging is offered. You can find further information in our recoservice conditions for acceptance / general terms and conditions.

Work clothing and PPE

We can collect and process the following used clothing and PPE for you:

  • clothing
  • footwear
  • helmets
  • gloves

The possibilities are dependent on the materials and your wishes.

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