Bright Eco-Coating: introducing the first 100% microplastic-free coating

After years of research, development and testing, Houweling Horticulture has succeeded in producing a liquid coating that is 100% microplastic-free. Called Bright Eco-Coating, it is being introduced to the world at GreenTech Amsterdam. It is the first biodegradable protective agent that is microplastic-free and protects against very high temperatures and long exposure to sunlight. Because Bright Eco-Coating is fully organic, it can be removed from the greenhouse without using chemical cleaning agents. This is not only good for the environment, it saves growers labour and material costs. Bright Eco-Coating can be applied safely as a protective agent for all kinds of crops, but especially organic ones.

“Sustainability and quality were our two most important motivators when developing Bright Eco-Coating. We are proud that we can now offer growers a solution that protects their crops optimally against extreme heat and sunlight exposure, without burdening the environment,” explained Jaco de Vries, director at Houweling Horticulture. “In line with our expertise in sustainable packaging, Houweling Group has decided to package Bright Eco-Coating in buckets manufactured from recycled material. We shall also offer a return service for all of the packaging material at our points of sale, so no materials will end up in the environment.”

Removable without cleaner

The benefits of Bright Eco-Coating are numerous and relevant for both floriculturists as well as market gardeners. “Along with the fact that Bright Eco-Coating is 100% biodegradable and does not contain microplastics, its most important benefit is that it is fully biologically removable. The product is worn down by the elements naturally, leaving the greenhouse exterior perfectly clean after 120 days on average. The second biological means involves brushing. Without applying a cleaner or other cleaning agent, any remaining Bright Eco-Coating can be removed at any time. Aside from the benefits for the environment, this means that the grower saves money by not buying a cleaner and the work of applying it,” explained Ronald de Vreede, product manager at Houweling Horticulture, enthusiastically.

“Bright Eco-Coating is also eminently suitable for organic cultivation and offers excellent protection for every type of crop. It is liquid, easy to apply, and provides long-term protection for all greenhouse surfaces: glass, film and polycarbonate.

Introducing Bright Eco-Coating at GreenTech

During GreenTech Amsterdam 2023, which is being organised on June 13 – 15, Bright Eco-Coating will be presented for the first time to the public. At stand number 05.238 the Houweling team is ready and waiting to present the product and answer all your questions about Bright Eco-Coating.