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Recycled products

We conserve valuable raw materials and supply various products made from recycled materials.

Packaging made from recycled materials

In addition to new and used packaging, you can come to us for bottles, jerrycans, buckets and drums made from recycled materials. We have developed, for example, bottles and jerrycans made from 100% post-consumer recycled (pcr) plastic. This sort of packaging does not use any new raw materials, and reduces CO2 and waste. If you wish to have a circular enterprise, such products are essential.

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Work clothing made from recycled materials

Work clothing and shoes are also available in recycled materials. This includes trousers made from recycled cotton, shoe laces from used PET bottles and insoles made from recycled foam.

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Recycled plastics

We supply used plastics in various forms:

  • shredded materials
  • granulate

The HDPE and PP plastics are supplied in various compositions, purity and colours.

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