Name change: Alpak bvba is now officially called Houweling Belgium bv

As you are aware, the company Alpak bvba has been part of the Houweling Group since 2005. We continued to use the name Alpak with pride.

Since 2019 we have gradually introduced the name ‘Houweling’ to you. Our group does much more than just the services and products provided by Alpak. For example, we have a safety branch (Houweling Safety), a transport branch (Houweling Transport) and a horticultural branch (Houweling Horticulture). To discover everything that our group has in store for you, look at the website or turn to your contact person.

To complete this trend, we officially changed the name Alpak to Houweling Belgium bv from 1 March 2023. We are still the same company offering the same services and products and with the same contact details. But we are now even more “Part of the Houweling Family”.