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We share relevant expertise, knowledge and experiences on our website. On this page you can read what you can use from us and what we expect from you if you want to share something with us.

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Press and media

We regularly send press releases and occasionally place publications in the media. Do you want to be on our mailing list of press releases or do you have a media proposal for us? Send us an e-mail so that we can give you a response as soon as possible.

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You can download our logo: the zip folder below contains our logo in various formats, including instructions for use. For digital use, please always link the logo to houweling.com.

Note that in texts our company name is written as Houweling Group in all languages.

We would like to receive a sample prior to publication to assess the use of our logo. We would also like to receive two copies of the published publication.

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With its sponsorship, Houweling Group wishes to deliver a positive and significant contribution to society. We regard sponsorship as a collaboration and form of activity where there are clear mutual benefits. We consider it important that the activity is in line with our core values: family, sustainable and active. We will process sponsorship requests if the apllication below is completed eight weeks in advance and submitted to  to marketing@houweling.nl.

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  • We can be found regularly at events?
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