More about circular work shoes

Our product range includes sustainable products. You can, for example, order circular safety shoes from our webshop. In this article you can read more about these shoes with a positive footprint.

Recyclable, circular, recycled

In 2018, Emma Safety Footwear was the first in the world to develop circular safety shoes. That is to say, the shoes can be fully recycled and all raw materials are re-used 100%. For example in furniture, building materials and in new safety shoes. The Amazone was the very first model that was circular, and now the entire collection of Emma Safety Footwear is circular. Our Safety Jogger brand also has an environmentally friendly work shoe: the Morris. Each flock contains 10 to 12 plastic bottles of ocean waste.

Made (in part) from recycled material

The safety shoes are made partly from recycled material. For example, 70% of the PU insole is made from fillings of old chairs, car seats and furniture. The laces are made from recycled PET bottles and can be recycled again after use. All the materials used have been chosen for their long life and a subsequent use is determined for each material. Check out all circular shoes in our online catalogue.


A circular shoe has a material passport with a QR code. Scan this code with the special Emma Safety Footwear app and you will see in the passport precisely what materials are used in the shoe and how they can be removed and reused. The passport makes all shoes uniquely identifiable so that they can be followed through the chain.

After use

The safety shoes have been made in such a way that they last as long as possible. After use, all the components of the shoes can be re-used. The raw materials and components are used in all sorts of products, such as garden furniture, leather bags and even arm rests for cars. Nothing of the safety shoes will be wasted.

Circular work shoes fit in perfectly with our circular packaging. We are proud not only to sell these shoes but also to be able to collect them and thereby close the chain.

Tom Bouwmeester, Manager Houweling Veiligheid bv at Houweling Group


Nothing of the safety shoes will be wasted if the user hands them in to us after their useful life. It is possible to hand in individual Emma Safety Footwear shoes at our branches or to have batches of shoes collected from your location. Together with various parties, we ensure that the shoes are taken apart and have a new use. Read here about our Recoservice for used work clothing, PPEs and packaging.

We care. We do. We fulfill.

On our website you can read more about recycled products.