Discover the benefits of politainers

Alongside all the familiar packaging types, we at Houweling also have special ones in our assortment. Politainers may not be very well known, but they are definitely interesting. The standard politainer is available with a capacity ranging from 1 litre to 30 litres and consists of 50 – 75% less plastic than rigid containers. As the politainer folds up when it is empty, you save on transport and storage costs; it’s a simple fact that you can get more of them on a pallet than rigid containers.

The politainer has a barrier that is lined with EVOH-PA. This layer protects the contents against oxygen, and the migration process is restricted. Such a barrier layer is also used to extend the shelf life of products. When combined with a UN box, the politainers have UN certification. They can form a closed system in combination with an accessory, so no air enters the container. With the right accessories, the container adjusts itself to the height of the remaining filling level.

The politainer is therefore eminently suited for the higher segment in:

  • Medical sector
  • Liquid dyes
  • Liquid adhesives
  • Ultrasound gel
  • Liquid disinfectants
  • High-quality inks

Difference from Bag in Box

You may be thinking, don’t I know that format already as ‘Bag in Box’? Although the two products seem similar at first glance, they are really two different items. Bag in Box is used for products with a low market value, needs a box in order to remain upright, and is not suitable for high-quality products that require a sturdy container, especially given their market value. The Politainer can be used without a secondary packaging and offers the safest way to transport valuable contents in flexible containers.

Is the politainer the perfect solution for your product? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.