Where technology meets taste: Houweling introduces The Bottle

The band The Police once sang about a message in a bottle. At Houweling we prefer talking about a message with a bottle. We are proud to present our new bottle line, The Bottle, bottles for filling and ones already filled. Developed by Plastcorp, they are being distributed by Houweling.

At Houweling we are fully committed to producing high-quality products that make our customers’ lives and the planet brighter and better. The introduction of The Bottle clearly answers the market demand for bottles that are suitable for clean label requirements.

Plastcorp, a family-run business located in the south of France, has gained a wealth of experience with producing multilayer bottles. Their expertise in this field combined with the logistics strength of Houweling has formed a powerful collaboration.

Available in two variants

The Bottle is available in two product families, with thousands of possibilities. The two familiar sauce bottles (top-down & bottom-up) come in sizes ranging from 225ml to 970ml. This diversity in variations and capacities makes The Bottle eminently suitable for many different applications.

One of The Bottle’s most important characteristics is its multilayer format: an EVOH barrier (EVOH stands for ethylene vinyl alcohol) is enclosed between the PP layers. This has enormous benefits. Because the bottle consists primarily of polypropylene, it can be hot filled, and pasteurization is possible in the bottle. The barrier reduces the permeability (absorption through the bottle wall) to practically nothing. This produces the ideal condition for reducing the amount of preservatives added. In addition, E-numbers can be omitted without compromising the shelf life of the product or requiring the product to be stored in a cold cell.

The closure

The versatility of The Bottle is complemented by a wide range of closures. The integrity of the product can be ensured with a traditional induction heat seal, but solutions like an easy-lift seal or the ring peel liner from Bericap are also available. The latter provides the greatest ease for users, seamlessly matching their current needs. Because the dosage must also be easy to do, there are different kinds of closures available with multiple openings, some in combination with a membrane. In other words, there is the perfect closure for any type of bottle content.

Easily recyclable

Along with its functional benefits, The Bottle is also easily recyclable. The proportion of EVOH in the bottle is so low that it has no effect when the bottle is reused. The bottles can also be processed in the PP recycling process.

No implosion

Another important aspect of The Bottle is that it does not need to be filled with nitrogen, which negates the risk of implosion, and the formulation of the content remains unaffected. The chance of a taste explosion is increased, on the other hand. This makes The Bottle an ideal choice for manufacturers looking for an efficient and reliable packaging solution.

Available now!

The Bottle can be supplied directly from existing stock, which allows manufacturers like yourself to profit quickly from this revolutionary packaging solution. With the introduction of The Bottle, we are taking a major step towards optimising packaging innovation. In this step, technology and taste come together like never before.