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Work clothing

Work clothing and safety clothing is available from us in different colours, sizes and brands.

Work clothing

Work clothing includes company clothing and protective clothing. Company clothing is clothing that only protects against non-hazardous contamination and contributes to a company’s corporate identity. Protective clothing is work clothing that protects against risks in the workplace. Hence this clothing comes under PPE. You will find all kinds of work clothing in our range. Our specialists will be happy to tell you more about them.

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Features and standards

Work clothing provides protection against various dangers and weather conditions. It includes hi-vis clothing, thermal clothing, rainwear, flame retardant, disposable or liquid-tight clothing. Wearing the right clothing limits safety risks and guarantees comfort. All our protective clothing is CE marked.

There are many standards which clothing can meet. You can use those standards to choose the protective clothing to suit your situation. Frequently used standards are EN ISO 20471 for hi-vis clothing, EN 13034 for protection against chemical substances and IEC 61482-2 for working with electricity.


The choice of work clothing is personal. You can choose circular work clothing and work clothing made from recycled materials. If you would like us to manage the clothing for your employees or would like it personalised (printing and embroidery), we can do that too. And once you’ve used it, you can hand in your work clothing to our recovery service.

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