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Used packaging

Protect valuable raw materials and save costs with used packaging.
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Second life

Much of the packaging that we supply is not regarded as waste once they have been used. For example, because the product is well suited for a second life after some repairs and/or modifications. All products that we collect through our recoservice are therefore reused as much as possible. We of course only sell them once they have been thoroughly selected, cleaned, inspected and approved.

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Varied product range

Our range of used packaging comprises:

  • IBCs from 300 to 1000 litres
  • drums from 30 to 225 litres
  • jerrycans of 20 litres
  • pallets in various designs

The drums and IBCs are also available with UN approval.

Our product range can change. If you want to use used packaging regularly, we will gladly make further arrangements with you.

Used packaging cannot be used for everything just like that. We always supply them under certain conditions. Please feel free to ask for more information.


By choosing used packaging you save on the use of valuable raw materials. But you also save costs as well. For example, used packaging can be up to half the price of a new product.

If you are able to use certain products several times, we are happy to offer you our circular services. By delivering new and used packaging, storing in our swap bodies, and then collecting, cleaning and delivering again. In this way, you always have the right packaging, and we ensure the conservation of valuable raw materials.

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