The difference between demineralised water and distilled water.

Distilled water is generally a little purer than demineralised water. This is due to the various processes necessary to purify the water.

Demineralised water

Demineralised water is filtered water Filtering tap water removes the negative ions (which consist of small amounts of salts). The positive ions, however, remain in the water. This form of water is clean, but not fully pure. This water has a neutral pH value. It is often used as battery water, cooling water and test water.

Distilled water

Distilled water is very pure water. Distillation removes all inorganic salts from the water, as well as many organic substances. The tap water is heated to boiling point. The condensation (steam) that is produced is collected. All the substances that were in the water remain behind, whilst the condensed water is now clean. This condensed water is then cleaned once more using a carbon filter. This results in distilled water which is used a great deal in, for example, hospitals and the food industry. Dimineralised water is however often opted for as it is cheaper.


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