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Rinse and reuse of IBCs and drums

Our strong focus on sustainability is clearly reflected in the rinse and reuse of IBCs and drums. We clean and inspect your containers at our locations in Aarschot and Bleiswijk, so they can be reused. You can rely on our expertise for both NON-ADR and ADR class 3, 8 and 9 products, along with transport options.

Sustainable reuse of drums and IBCs

Ecology is important to every one of us. One simple way of contributing to a solution is to ensure that your products can be reused multiple times. We can provide excellent support for your company in terms of packaging reuse. At our locations in Aarschot and Bleiswijk, we clean your used containers so you can refill them again. We offer this service for plastic open-head drums ranging from 60 to 220 litres, plastic tight-head drums of 220 litres and IBCs of 300 to 1200 litres. These containers can be contaminated with NON-ADR products, or with ADR class 3, 8 and 9 products.

Rinsing and inspection of IBCs and drums

Some of our rinsing lines for IBCs work with upside-down containers. This enables us to thoroughly clean IBCs without a faucet or double-walled containers like Variboxes. The rinsing is done in accordance with your specific requirements.

You can rely on us returning your containers and drums cleaned and inspected according to the highest quality criteria. Our inspection ensures that the containers and drums are free of damage or defects that could affect the subsequent content they are filled with.

Flexibility in transport and service provision

We are flexible when it comes to transport: you can arrange your own transport or ask us to do it for you. Or we can collect the used containers from your customers and return them to you after cleaning; all options are possible.


Choosing for our service provision ensures that you will benefit from safe, efficient and professional rinse and reuse of IBCs and plastic drums.

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