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An inert, non-flammable mineral with many applications.


Vermiculite is a hydrous mineral. It is a pure, natural product. In order to make the raw vermiculite suitable for use, the coarse lumps are ground smaller. What’s more, it is heated above 900 degrees. This produces a very light, non-flammable, inert, highly heat-resistant material.

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Features and certification

We supply vermiculite with the RHP certification. This certification guarantees that the product meets the appropriate quality requirements for use in substrates.

Vermiculite is used a great deal in the horticulture and construction sector. It is also used in the chemical, transportation, logistics and waste industry.

Granule size

Vermiculite is available in four granule sizes:

  • KB1 Superfine 0 – 1 mm
  • KB2 Fine 0 – 2 mm
  • KB3 Medium 0 – 4 mm
  • KB4 Large – 8 mm

These granule sizes are available in both a packaging of 100 litres and a bigbag of 1200 litres.

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