What is vermiculite used for?

What is vermiculite and what is it used for? In this article you will read more about the properties and applications of this mineral.

Pure nature

Vermiculite is an ore, a pure and natural product. In order to make the raw vermiculite suitable for use, the coarse lumps are ground smaller. It is then heated to over 900 degrees Celsius, causing it to exfoliate to a granule. This produces a very light, non-flammable and inert material that is suitable for many applications.


Vermiculite has many positive properties:

  • natural product
  • free of asbestos
  • non-flammable
  • inert
  • very light
  • odourless
  • heat-resistant
  • high moisture absorption
  • insulating

The predominant golden colour of vermiculite varies slightly, depending on its origin. The lower the specific weight, the higher the quality of the vermiculite.


Agricultural sector

Vermiculite is used in agriculture mainly as a growing and topping medium. It is used by seed, cutting and propagation companies. The moisture absorption properties of vermiculite ensure for an optimal air-water balance. The use of vermiculite also promotes the airy and oxygen-rich soil structure.

Chemical transport & logistics

Vermiculite is used as an absorption material for the packaging and transport of hazardous solids and liquids. Due to its light weight, it is interesting for chemical companies to use vermiculite in the packaging of samples that have to be sent by air.

Construction & Infra

As vermiculite is non-flammable, heat-resistant and has insulating properties, it is often used in construction. It is used in building, cavity walls, floors and sloping screeds as insulation for chimneys and fireplaces and as a fire-resistant filling of cable ducts and cavity walls.

Waste processing industry

Vermiculite is also used for the storage and transport of batteries. As a filling material it prevents contact and short circuiting.


We supply vermiculite with the RHP certification. This certification is necessary in the substrate market, and guarantees that the substrate meets the appropriate quality requirements of the RHP.