Packaging and shipping: three tips

If you package and ship your products appropriately, you not only ensure for a good presentation but also limit any damage and dissatisfaction for the recipient. Here you can read three tips on how you can best package and ship. We make a distinction between primary packaging (also referred to as packaging or sales packaging) and logistical packaging (also referred to as transport packaging).

Tip 1: choose a suitable transport packaging


You choose the most suitable packaging for your shipment based on the contents of the shipment and the transport method. We offer the following transport packaging products and accessories:

  • airmail or bubble envelopes
  • boxes
  • crates
  • trays
  • pallet boxes
  • containers
  • drums

The heavier the contents, the sturdier the packaging has to be. If the contents include hazardous substances, the transport packaging would have to have an appropriate UN approval.


If your shipment is heavy, vulnerable or hazardous, you must take this into account in the packaging. In order to prevent damage, it is important that the transport packaging is padded. If the transport packaging does not completely envelop the contents or if an extra protective layer is required, you can use protective and padding material. We offer you the choice of the following materials:

  • protective flakes
  • bubble wrap
  • padding paper

In all cases the contents must not be able to move. Choose the material that is the most suitable for your products. We also supply vermiculite for transporting batteries.

Tip 2: ensure for a good finish


Crates, trays, containers and drums are closed with suitable lids and closures. Boxes are closed with tape. Stick tape of at least 48 mm width over all gaps. The larger or heavier the package, the stronger the tape has to be. The various types in our product range:

  • PP acrylic tape
  • PP hotmelt tape
  • PVC tape (including printing)

In addition to the popular transparent and brown tape, you can also opt for printed tape with your own logo, colours and images. Please feel free to ask us for more information.


Strapping is used to strengthen heavy packaging. Do not use string or paper. Choose from our strapping in various materials:

  • steel
  • PP
  • PE

Strapping can be attached by hand or by machine. Based on the necessary elasticity, tensile strength, tension loss and amount, we will be happy to advise you on the most suitable material for your shipment.


Shipments can be sent per unit using a parcel service or with more units on a pallet. The following types of pallets and accessories are commonly used:

  • wooden pallet cp
  • wooden pallet euro
  • wood fibre pallet
  • plastic pallet
  • plastic pallet h1
  • cover plates (boxboard intermediate plates)

Choose a pallet that is strong enough for the load of your shipment and that can be handled easily by the recipient.


After the pallet has been loaded, you wrap it with film. The film that you choose depends on the manual or machine wrapping and the type of film (thickness, wrapping strength and stretch capacity). Order from us the most commonly used types of film:

  • transparent manual film wrap 50 cm x 300 m 20 mu and 23 mu
  • transparent manual film wrap 45 cm x 300 m 12 mu
  • black manual film wrap 50 cm x 270 m 23 mu
  • transparent machine film wrap 50 cm x 1750 m 20 mu 180%
  • transparent machine film wrap 50 cm x 1500 m 23 mu 200% and 300%

Ask us for advice.

Tip 3: Ensure for smooth transport


In order to ensure that your shipment can be sent quickly, correct addressing is necessary. Please therefore take note of the following in the Netherlands:

  • Use one address label with both the destination and return address clearly stated. Give the return address the title ‘return address’ or ‘sender’ and make it smaller than the destination address (at least font size 10)
  • Also place the return address in the package itself (so it still can be returned if the address given on the packaging becomes illegible).
  • Give each individual shipment its own address label. Do not attach together various packages intended for one recipient using tape or strapping. They may become loose during transport or sorting.
  • Attach the label on the top left of the package on its largest side. Or attach a label on each pallet of your shipment. Remove all unnecessary or old stickers and/or labels.

If you need to send extra documents along with your shipment, you can use our packing list envelopes.


After a correct addressing, your shipment is ready for transport. Using the tips will increase the chance of a satisfied recipient!

Look at our online product range (Dutch) or download the flyer on the product page.