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For professional packing, robust collecting and safe stacking.

Boxes, tape and film

You send products to your customers and want to be certain that they all arrive safely at their destination. Choose from our product range to package your products well. With, for example, boxes made from strong boxboard, film with the appropriate amount of stretch and suitable tape. And filling material, bubble wrap, pallets, plastic straps and packing list envelopes.

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Crates, trays and pallet boxes

Sometimes a box is not suitable for a product, and crates, trays and pallet boxes are necessary. You can easily transport mixed and bulk goods, such fruit and vegetables, in crates or trays. For larger volumes of bulk goods it is best to use a pallet box.

There is a large choice of sizes, colours and materials, and the products are also available with UN and H1 certificates. Our specialists are happy to advise you on the most suitable logistical aid.

Design and identification

If you wish to distinguish yourself from your competition, a personal design is a logical choice. Printing boxes and tape or placing your logo on a crate is possible already from a relatively small order. Other possibilities include crates identified with a barcode or RIFD chip, and the use of GS1 pallets or anti-bacterial plastic.

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