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First aid equipment

For first aid in the event of accidents.

First aid

First aid equipment covers materials that are used for first aid in the event of accidents. Emergency help for casualties is assistance that can be provided by non-professionals while they wait for professionals, such as ambulance staff. First aid is given in any situation where (life-threatening) injuries and illnesses occur.

Emergency response

Employers are obliged to ensure that Emergency Response Officers can act appropriately in the event of an incident or disaster.

The equipment for EROs consists of, but is not limited to, equipment for recognition, care of the injured and fire-fighting.


You can contact us for items including printed ERO vests, first aid kits, eye baths, AEDs, fire blankets and torches. Certain products, such as wound care materials, carry a use-by date. We therefore recommend that you check your first aid and ERO equipment regularly, and test it where necessary.

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