Houweling Group in 35th place in SME Innovation Top 100

Houweling Group finished 35th in the SME Top 100 with its innovation in plastic packaging of 100% post-consumer recycled waste. The Chamber of Commerce publishes this yearly ranking list with 100 concrete innovations in the Dutch small and medium-sized business sector. The independent jury, led by Ruud Koornstra, innovator and the first Energy Commissioner in the Netherlands, announced this today.

Packaging and waste

A panel of innovation experts makes the selection from 250 entries. All nominations are assessed on their impact on the sector and society, originality, availability and realised turnover and potential for growth. Houweling Group’s bottles and jerrycans made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic waste are a new step in circular enterprise.

Bottles and jerrycans are normally made from petroleum. We have succeeded in making them from 100% waste. These recycled plastic packagings are a new step in circular enterprise: they reduce the mountain of waste, save on fossil raw materials and reduce CO2 emissions.

Dennis Jongmans, Business development manager at Houweling Group

SME Innovation Top 100

The provinces of South Holland and North Holland, as well as the ICT sector, are strongly represented in the thirteenth edition of SME Innovation Top 100. This is the list with the most innovative companies from the Dutch small and medium-sized enterprise sector. All companies of the Top 100 have implemented successful innovation in the area of a product, service, process or organisation. This ranking list gives a good picture of the innovative strength of the SME sector at the moment.