DeruNed has found a solution for a vital substrate with a longer lifespan

For many years, our horticultural branch DeruNed has developed, produced and supplied natural solutions for the professional horticultural sector. One of the newest products they developed themselves is called Root Energize. The enzymes it contains ensure an accelerated decomposition of root remnants in inert substrates, such as rockwool and perlite. They are not or only barely present in these substrates. Along with extending the lifespan of the substrate, Root Energize creates the conditions for optimal plant growth and lowers pressure from plant diseases.

How does Root Energize work?

Thomas Douma, product manager at DeruNed, explained, “In nature the plant regulates its own optimal soil environment with the assistance of a well-developed microbial life. The micro-organisms produce enzymes that accelerate the breakdown of dead plant parts, releasing plenty of nutrients for the plant.

Because these micro-organisms are not or only barely present in substrates, the necessary enzymes are not produced. The enzymes contained in Root Energize accelerate the decomposition particularly of (hemi-)cellulose from dead plant parts, like roots”.

Benefits of Root Energize

Root Energize has a number of great benefits, according to Thomas. “Because the decomposition does not require oxygen, both the micro-organisms and the new roots of the plant can survive well where the decomposition is occurring. In addition, the rapid breakdown means less accumulation of old roots in the mat. This promotes drainage and improves the access to oxygen. As a result, the substrate can last considerably longer and the production increases.

Another benefit of the accelerated decomposition of the remnants by enzymes is that decay is prevented. Decay is detrimental for the crop because toxic (poisonous) substances can be released. Decay also encourages pathogens to take hold.

Along with enzymes Root Energize contains vitamins that promote the growth of new roots and root hairs. This is important for the uptake of valuable nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium and iron.

Would you like more information?

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