The importance of high-quality packaging for consumer products

In the world of product sales, the first impression is crucial. This applies especially to consumer products, where the packaging forms an essential component of the overall brand experience. Packaging plays a vital role in attracting customers, protecting products and conveying brand values. Below we investigate why high-quality packaging is invaluable for consumer products.

Visual attraction and branding

The packaging of a product is often the first thing a customer notices. Attractive packaging can draw attention and excite curiosity, which tempts potential customers to examine the product more closely. The design and the branding of the packaging must reflect the core values of the brand. Customers must be able to understand at a glance what the product stands for and the advantages it offers. We can personalise the packaging using, for example, a label (in-mould), printing, sleeve, embossing or something else.


Sustainable packaging materials contribute to reducing waste and promoting environmental awareness, which is becoming increasingly important to the customer. We not only offer new and used packaging, there is also an assortment of bottles, jerrycans, buckets and vats made of recycled material. For example, our bottles and jerrycans, manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, derived from post-consumer sources (PCR).

Functionality and ease of use

Customers value packaging that is handy and easy to use. This contains elements like resealable closures, ergonomic grips and easy-to-open caps. Functional packaging improves the general user experience of the product, which increases customer satisfaction and encourages repeat purchases.

Different types of packaging

There are different types of packaging available for consumer products, including bottles, pots and buckets. Each type of packaging has its own unique benefits and applications. Bottles are ideal for liquid products like sauces, while pots are suitable for creams, powders and solids. Buckets offer room for larger quantities and are perfect for storage. Choosing the right type of packaging is essential to ensure both the functionality and the aesthetic attraction.

Why consumer packaging at Houweling?

At Houweling we understand that the choice for a packaging wholesaler is a crucial decision. That is why we offer not only high-quality consumer packaging, but also benefits like plentiful stocks, rapid and reliable deliveries with our own vehicle fleet, and excellent customer service. With our wide-ranging assortment, the choice between virgin material and recycled plastic, and our striving for sustainability, we are the ideal partner for companies that want to combine high-quality packaging and reliability.

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