Storage of lithium-ion batteries and accumulators

Lithium-ion batteries and accumulators are being increasingly used, partly due to the popularity of wireless devices. The storage of batteries and accumulators is not without risks.


Lithium-ion batteries and accumulators can ignite if they are damaged or knock into something. Temperatures can exceed 750 ⁰C. Plus highly poisonous substances can be released. It is not possible to extinguish burning lithium-ion batteries with water. Because it is a chemical process, the fire is actually fuelled by water.

Hazardous Substances publication series

Because the hazards are great, efforts are being made to prepare a Hazardous Substances publication series (Publicatiereeks Gevaarlijke Stoffen, PGS) guideline. Until it is complete, there are two practical guides to consult that were prepared by the Haaglanden and Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region and the LIOGS (Landelijk Informatiepunt Ongevallen Gevaarlijke Stoffen; National information point for accidents involving hazardous substances).

Safe storage of lithium-ion batteries and accumulators

It is thus important to store these products safely. For example, they could be kept in a specially constructed storage container that is suitable for storing damaged lithium-ion batteries and accumulators. A lithium storage container has double walls of sheet steel, with a filler in between. This substance acts to smother and to cool, making this special storage container especially suitable for safely storing products with lithium ions.

Requesting estimate

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