Cleaning and disinfecting hearing protection equipment

Cleaning and disinfecting hearing protection equipment is important. By cleaning your hearing protection products regularly, they remain in perfect condition and last longer.

Cleaning hearing protection equipment

Cleaning involves the removal of all contamination (organic and inorganic) and foreign materials from objects and surfaces. This cleaning is usually done with water and manual or mechanical cleaning. You can use cleaning products for this purpose, like soap.

Cleaning of hearing protection products

You can clean the head and neck bands and wires with a cloth, soap and warm water. The same applies to the outer padding, helmet securing clips and ear cushions. The foam rubber components, like the microphone protectors (wind), can be removed and washed separately with soap and warm water. Once the foam rubber is completely dry, it can be put back. With many models, loose components, like ear cushions, sealing rings and foam rubber parts can be replaced.

Disinfecting headset

Disinfecting is a process of inhibiting or destroying pathogenic micro-organisms. Usually chemicals, heat and/or ultraviolet light are used. The regulatory authorities have not yet prepared any specific guidelines for disinfecting communication headsets and in-ear solutions. The outside of headphones and in-ear solutions can be disinfected by rubbing the product’s surface lightly for 60 seconds with a damp cloth and at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropyl alcohol. Commercial 70% alcohol wipes can also be used. Let the hearing protection product dry thoroughly before using it again.

Keeping electronic parts dry

Do not immerse the hearing protection product with electronic parts in water to clean it. If the hearing protection product gets wet from rain or sweat or while cleaning it, it must be allowed to dry out first. Take off the hearing protection product, and remove the ear cushions and the foam rubber linings. Then let all of the components dry before putting them back together. It is important to follow these steps to keep the electronic components in the hearing protection product working.


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