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Glass cleaners

For well cleaned glass inside and outside your greenhouse.

Glass cleaners

Our glass cleaners remove deposits such as dust and grime from inside and outside your greenhouse. We have three glass cleaners in our product range, each with their own particular application: Flusol-Forte, Topcleaner and Eco-Forte. Our specialists will be happy to tell you more about them.

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The choice of glass cleaner depends on the surface to be cleaned and the vapour formation of the cleaner. Our products can be used on glass and foil, but not on coated glass.

The following applies to all our cleaners: after spraying the product, rinse with water within 15 minutes or before the agent dries.

As the cleaners produce a spray mist when applied, the user must wear appropriate personal protection equipment. Do not allow any of the cleaning agent or rinse water to end up in a water reservoir or surface water.

Always read the instructions on the label before use.


Cleaned and clear glass or foil allows more light to penetrate the greenhouse. This light is important for the growth of the crops. It is therefore important to regularly clean the glass or foil of the greenhouse. Our product range includes biocides for disinfecting after cleaning the inside of your greenhouse and shading agent removers for removing shading agents from the outside of the greenhouse.

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