How do I choose a glass cleaner?

Cleaned and clear glass allows more light to penetrate the greenhouse. This light is important for the growth of the crops. It is therefore important to regularly clean the glass of the greenhouse. In this article we will tell you what you have to look out for when choosing a glass cleaner.


For cleaning your greenhouse, you can choose between glass cleaners, shading agent removers and biocides. For cleaning the inside and outside of the greenhouse you use a glass cleaner; for removing shading agent from the outside of your greenhouse you use a shading agent remover. To disinfect the inside of your greenhouse, you use a biocide.

Surface and vapour formation

The choice of glass cleaner depends on the surface to be cleaned (and how dirty it is) and the vapour formation of the cleaner. All our glass cleaners remove deposits such as dust and grime from inside and outside your greenhouse. We have cleaners based on hydrofluoric acid and cleaners based on ammonium bifluoride. The active components determine the vapour formation of the product.

More light = more yield. We are happy to advise you on your choice of glass cleaners, shading agents and shading agent removers, and biocides.

Ronald de Vreede, Account Manager Houweling Group

Glass cleaners based on hydrofluoric acid

Glass cleaners based on hydrofluoric acid have a very strong effect, but produce vapour when used. The substances that are released are handful to man and crops. That is why the greenhouse should be empty and contain no plants when the cleaner is being used. Account should also be taken of the nearby crops; bulbous plants and tuber vegetables are sensitive to moisture.

Glass cleaners based on ammonium bifluoride

Cleaners based on ammonium bifluoride also have a very strong effect and do not produce vapour. When using it, contact with crops must be avoided.

Our products

  • Flusol-Forte is a cleaner based on hydrofluoric acid. This product has the very best cleaning strength, but also produces vapour. It is ideally suited to clean very dirty surfaces (glass as well as fixtures and fittings).
  • Flusol-Forte is a cleaner based on hydrofluoric acid. It has an excellent cleaning strength and does not produce vapour.
  • Eco-Forte is also a cleaner based on ammonium bifluoride with an excellent cleaning strength and no vapour formation.

Our products can be used on glass and foil, but not on coated glass.


The following applies to all our cleaners: after spraying the product, rinse with water within 15 minutes or before the agent dries. As the cleaners produce a spray mist when applied, the user must wear appropriate personal protection equipment. During use, the greenhouse must be ventilated and the glass cleaner and rinse water may not end up in the water reservoir.

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Read the instructions on the label before use. Feel free to contact us for personal advice.