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Water treatment

Make sure of quality and clean water. Measurement, inspection and treatment of the quality of water for greenhouse horticulture.

Test the quality of water

The quality of the water is a key factor in crop development. Healthy water which is rich in oxygen reduces the risk of your crop being attacked. Clean water also ensures a better passage for fertilisers and pesticides. It is therefore important to know which bacteria and fungi are present in the water systems used. We take water samples at various points at specific times and have them tested in the laboratory.

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Bacteria and fungi

The results of the first measurement (so-called baseline measurement) provide an insight into the presence and concentration of bacteria and fungi. It also becomes clearer where possible contamination may occur.

We then advise you about the treatment which may be necessary to improve the quality of the water.

Successful treatment

We will test the water in your system again an average of three months after the start of the treatment. We use the results to determine how successful the treatment has been and what the next steps should be. High water quality encourages healthy development and growth of grass. We therefore advise that you have a test carried out twice every year.

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