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Respiratory protection service

Ensure healthy working and create a safe working environment. Testing and checking, maintenance and inspection of respiratory protection equipment.

Limit health risks

Wearing respiratory protection at the workplace may be compulsory in order to limit health risks during work as much as possible. The correct protection is dependent on many different factors such as the materials used in the work, the period of time for which the user is exposed to the materials, environmental factors and the user him/herself. We can help you choose the right respiratory protection equipment on the basis of your risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E).

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Testing and checking, maintenance and inspection

Your respiratory protection equipment will wear as a result of use. We can offer you regular maintenance during which we check the protection equipment for defects and freedom from leaks in the mask among other things. We will replace components and carry out repairs if necessary. After this you will receive an inspection certificate which you can use for the factory inspectorate and Health and Safety Executive. We call this service the regular mask check.

The respiratory protection equipment does not just require correct maintenance and inspection in order to provide proper protection; it must also fit the individual user’s face properly. We carry out a face fit test in order to check this. This test will show whether the mask remains within the legal and desired value thresholds and which changes in circumstance or different types of mask might provide even better protection.

Personal advice

All our services and products are focused on providing suitable respiratory protection for your specific situation. If you or your colleagues have inadequate protection, the health of the user is in danger. Reduce risks and prevent accidents; ask us for advice.

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