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Product development

Stimulate your growth and choose distinctive capability. Development of private label products and unique corporate clothing.

Seven steps

You want to make your brand grow and stand out in the market place. Our specialists will go through the following stages of product development with you:

  • inventarisation
  • programme of requirements
  • establishing specifications
  • preliminary design
  • samples
  • production
  • maintenance

Making choices

Choices have to be made at each stage in order to achieve the best outcome. You bring knowledge about your brand, organisation and competition.

We have expertise in the fields of materials, techniques and legislation. This combination guarantees a real overview of the possibilities available during collaboration.


We don’t just work together closely with you, but with all our suppliers such as manufacturers, design offices and mould manufacturers. From the initial exploratory discussions up to and including the regular delivery of your unique packaging, horticultural product or corporate clothing.

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