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Clothing management

Maintain an overview and ensure comfortable and safe working. Composition and management of person-specific clothing and PPE.

Corporate clothing in your own style

There are many different ways to design clothing in your own particular style. Items of clothing are available in different colours or combinations of colours and it is also possible to attach your logo. Designing zipper pullers in your colours and labels in your company style will quickly give a simple item like a vest a personal stamp.

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Person clothing packages and fitting session

No two employees are the same. One group may need a warm jersey while other colleagues would like to wear a pair of company trousers. Working footwear of the correct size and suitable clothing are extremely important if you want those wearing your corporate clothing to be satisfied.

We organise fitting sessions on site so that the users can see the clothing and find the correct fit. We then make up personal packages. These contain the desired clothing in the correct size for the individual user, with the possible addition of representative packaging such as a bag.

Clothing management system

Our digital clothing management system is a user-friendly online platform where all the information about your company clothing is available digitally and centrally. Users can make their choices individually from an established product package and order their personal clothing directly with a person-specific budget.

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