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Vitality products

Products that support various plant processes and improve the plant resistance

Vitality products

Vitality products contribute to improved plant resistance and a better uptake and conversion of nutrients by the plant. This protects the crop better against abiotic factors such as water, cold and heat stress. In our product range we have ProSubstrat TB (skal), ProEarth, ProVigour H and ProVigour Nova. Our specialists will be happy to tell you more about them.

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Application and certification

The products can be applied on various crops and provide support to various plant processes including uptake, cleaning and growth. This improves the plant’s vitality, thereby maintaining the plant’s productivity at the highest level.

Always read the instructions on the label before use.

The environmentally friendly products consist of, for example, minerals, herb and algae extracts, essential oils and humic acids This realises both a systemic and wide effect.

ProSubstrat TB is certified as organic with the skal certification.


Vitality products respond to the growing demand for sustainable products in greenhouse horticulture. They are in line with a more environmentally operation. We will be happy to advise you on the use of the product in your crop.

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