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Tin packaging

Tin packaging protects against oxygen, gas, light, moisture and other influences.

Tin packaging

The tin packaging is made from a monomaterial: steel or aluminium. These metals are simple to recover, after which the materials can be reused fully and at a high quality. Tin packaging protects against oxygen, gas, light, moisture and other influences. Our product range includes pails, tubs and paint tins.

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Features and certification

It is possible to print directly on your packaging or to immediately affix the right label on your packaging. This helps your packaging to stand out. We will gladly help you to make attractive packaging with a unique look, completely according to your wishes! What’s more, you can also choose from various lids, caps and handles.

The tin packaging is available with and without UN approval. You can opt for a coating that protects against water or corrosive materials. We will of course be happy to give you personal advice in your search for the perfect packaging solution.


You can use tins for storing and transporting a wide range of solid and liquid substances, such as:

  • foodstuffs, such as olive oil, sauces, powdered milk and coffee.
  • lubricating oil or hydraulic oil
  • paint, varnish, coating, primers and stain
  • chemicals

The tin packaging that you are looking for must meet your requirements. In our experience, this can be very different according to each application. That is why we ask you to contact us, so that we can look for a tailor-made solution for your products that need packaging.

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