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Shading agents

Sustainable protection against sunlight and excessive heat entering the greenhouse.

Shading agents

Shading agents are essential in horticulture. Many crops do not cope well with excessively high temperatures or too much sunlight. Shading agents reflect the light and thereby improve the climate in the greenhouse. We have four shading agents in our product range, each with their own particular application: La Blanche, Witvast, Spuitkrijt and La Blanche Liquide. Our specialists will be happy to tell you more about them.

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Sustainable application

La Blanche has been the most widely used shading agent in the world for over 90 years! Just like Witvast and Spuitkrijt, it is made from natural ingredients and provides a reliable protective layer. The extraction and production take place in the calcium carbonate mine and factory of our subsidiary Houweling Romania.

All our chalk-based products, in liquid and powder form, are simple to use and can be applied on glass, plastic and polycarbonate.

Always read the instructions on the label before use.

Shading and shading duration

With our products you can determine yourself the desired shading and shading duration. First of all by choosing a specific product, and then by adding more or less water than prescribed in the mixing instructions. When necessary, you can use our shading agent removers in order to remove the shading agent or its remnants.

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