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Medical waste packaging

Find the right packaging for storing and transporting medical waste.

Medical waste

We can provide you with suitable packaging for storing and transporting medical waste. Medical waste is a waste stream which is subject to many regulations. Medical waste concerns waste products arising from medical treatments. The government imposes stringent requirements regarding the hygiene, storage and transport of such waste. This is in view of the risk of contamination and needlestick injury. We have special waste containers that meet these requirements.

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You can use medical waste packaging for storing and transporting a wide range of medical waste:

  • sharp objects, such as injection needles, scalpels, microscope slides and blood tubes
  • stitch cutters
  • razor blades

Needle containers UN3291

The needle containers are fitted with an automatic system. With a simple press of a button the container can be easily and safely opened and closed. When the needle container is full this can be permanently locked. What’s more, the needle containers are available in various sizes. The smaller models are easy to carry and simple to attach. The medical waste containers are made from PP. They have been tested and certified in accordance with BS7320: 1990 and NFX 30-500. In addition, they have been UN approved for the transport of clinical waste UN3291 in accordance with the latest ADR / RID / IMDG specifications.

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