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A jerrycan is suitable for storing liquids and then stacking them easily on pallets, which are then logistically easily to transport away. Thanks to its light weight and convenient handle, the jerrycan is a popular form of packaging these days.
We are specialised in the supply of packaging and will gladly help you to find the best solution for safely packaging your products.


You can use jerrycans for storing and transporting a wide range of liquids, such as:

  • chemicals, from strong acids to concentrated alkalis
  • raw materials and virgin materials, such as oil
  • fuels, such petrol and diesel
  • water and demineralised water
  • foodstuffs such as syrups and flavourings
  • pharmaceuticals

Features and certification

The choice of jerrycan very much depends on the application and whether or not certification is desired. In our product range we have jerrycans that meet the safety requirements of the foodstuffs industry and that are UN certified for storing and transporting hazardous substances. We will of course be happy to give you personal advice in your search for the perfect packaging solution.

New or recycled

You can choose between buying a used jerrycan or a new one that is made from recycled plastics. Jerrycans and closures made from 100% recycled materials are of the same excellent quality as products that are made from virgin materials. What’s more, recycled cans deliver a CO2 reduction of 75% and no use is made of fossil raw materials.

Colours and accessories

We supply jerrycans in standard colours, such as white, black , blue and a transparent colour. Other colours are available upon request. We will also happily advise you on the suitable fittings and accessories, such as bellow seals, aeration caps, taps and spouts. Discuss your wishes with us and we will give you advice free of any obligation.

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