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Hearing protection

Avoid suffering from hearing damage by wearing the right hearing protectors.

Hearing protection

Too much noise at work can damage your hearing. It can be so serious that it can lead to noise-induced hearing loss, which is a type of hearing damage that cannot be cured. To protect employees, there are rules regarding the maximum permitted noise level and measures to prevent hearing damage. Our product range contains many types of hearing protection. Our specialists will be happy to tell you about them.

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Types and application

Hearing protection comes under the category of personal protective equipment (PPE). There are three different types of hearing protectors: ear defenders, ear plugs and ear moulds.

When making your choice it is a good idea to bear in mind the circumstances of the working environment, the user’s tasks and their personal preferences.

Working safely

When choosing the right hearing protection it is important to look at the combination with other PPE that is being worn. There are also various communication sets that make it possible for staff to talk to colleagues or listen to the radio while working. Timely maintenance ensures longer-lasting protection and lasting comfort. Discuss your situation with us for no obligation advice.

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