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Fall protection

For working safely at heights. We will be happy to provide you with personal advice, so that you can carry out your work safely.

Fall protection

Fall protection equipment covers products that prevent people falling from heights, as well as products that absorb the forces released in the event of a fall. Which fall protection will be mandatory depends on the circumstances under which the working at heights is being carried out. Our specialists will be happy to tell you more about them.

Legislation and standards

According to Dutch working conditions legislation, an employer is obliged to provide a safe working environment. This includes protection for work in construction, engineering and industry.

The standards NEN 360, NEN 361 and NEN 365 relate to the requirements that personal fall protection must meet and the inspection points for fall protection inspection. All our products meet these standards.

Working safely

Whether you are installing solar panels, inspecting silos or maintaining buildings, working safely is the most important thing of all. Please inquire about the possibilities and requirements to suit your everyday tasks.

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