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Eye protection and visors

Especially to protect the wearer’s eyes and face.

Eye protection and visors

Eye protection and visors is a combined name for various items of personal protective equipment that have been specially developed to protect the wearer’s eyes and face. If there is a chance of injuring the face at work, the wearing of eye protection and visors is mandatory. Our specialists will be happy to tell you more about them.

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Types and standards

The choice of eye protection and visors depends on the danger to which the user may be exposed. There are various types available.

Based on the risks, you can determine the standard that your eye protection must meet. There are several EN standards that relate to eye protection.

Safe and comfortable

The choice of eye protection or visor can be found in the risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E) but may also be partly adapted to the needs of the user. Particularly if several pieces of PPE have to be worn, it is important to adapt these to each other, so that not only can you work safely, but you can also wear the equipment comfortably.

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