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For safely storing and transporting your products.


You can come to us for drums of all types and sizes. We are specialised in the supply of packaging and will gladly help you to find the best solution for safely packaging your products. We can provide you with a wide range of products, from drums and drum heaters to buckets and containers.


You can use drums for storing and transporting a wide range of solid and liquid substances, such as:

  • chemicals
  • raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry
  • oil
  • waste
  • fuel
  • foodstuffs

Features and certification

You can opt for drums made from plastic, from HDPE suitable for foodstuffs and from steel. Our product range includes special salvage drums which are used to store and transport leaking drums up to a standard 220 litre bung-top drum. You can order a screw lid which ensures for an airtight and watertight seal. All options for personalisation with colours and logos are possible.

The choice of drum also depends on whether or not certification is desired. We have drums that meet, for example, the requirements of the UN certification for the storage and transportation of drinking water, liquids, pharmaceutical raw materials, chemicals and solvents. We also have drums with an X approval and T approval. We will of course be happy to give you personal advice in your search for the perfect packaging solution.


You can also choose between new or recycled drums. We also collect used packaging, so that these can be used again. These offer a sustainable alternative.


We supply drums in standard colours, such as white, black or a blue. Would you like drums in a different colour? Ask us about the possibilities and receive personal advice.


You can also choose from various openings, taps, pallets, seals and collection and filling materials.

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