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For safely storing and transporting your products.


You can come to us for containers of all types and sizes. We are specialised in supplying packaging and accessories. We care. We do. We fulfill. In this way, you can store and transport your products safely.


You can use containers for storing and transporting a wide range of substances, such as:

  • chemicals
  • needles and medical waste
  • raw and virgin materials
  • rainwater
  • syrups

Features and certification

As a specialist in plastic packaging, we provide containers of all types and sizes. You can find in our product range, for example, the familiar 1000-litre intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), needle containers and battery containers.

The choice of container also depends on whether or not certification is desired. Our product range includes containers that meet, for example, the requirements of the UN certification for the storage and transportation of hazardous substances, pharmaceutical raw materials, chemicals and solvents. As well as containers that are certified for storing foodstuffs.


What’s more, you can opt for either a new container or a used variant. A used container is much cheaper than a new one. We can collect used containers. Our Recoservice department takes care of the further processing of this.


We supply containers in standard colours, such as white, black or a transparent colour. Other colours are also sometimes possible. Tell us what you would like, and we will look at the possibilities.


You can also choose from various openings, taps, pallets, seals and collection and filling materials.

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