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For safely storing and transporting solid, liquid and hazardous substances.


As a wholesaler in packaging we can provide you with buckets for solid, liquid and hazardous substances, in various shapes and sizes. We also have buckets made from recycled plastic, the sustainable alternative for new packaging. buckets are ideal for storing and transporting your product.


You can use tins for storing and transporting a wide range of solid and liquid substances, such as:

  • foodstuffs such as dairy and sauces
  • paints and inks
  • powders and pills
  • chemicals

Features and certification

We have buckets that are made from various types of materials:

  • PP (new and recycled material)
  • HDPE (new and recycled material)
  • aluminium
  • stainless steel
  • tin

In our product range you can find buckets with UN-X and UN-Y approval for solid and liquid substances. There are also special buckets that meet the food safety requirements.


You can show your brand and company style through an interplay of logo, colours, text and images. We can provide you with a (digitally) printed bucket, designed fully according to your company style. We have buckets in many different colours, such as standard colours, Pantone or RAL.
We can colour both the buckets and the lids and handles in any colour of your choice. We can provide you with coloured as well as transparent buckets.

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