World first; Jerrycan of 100% plastic waste from ‘The Plastic Soup’

A world first! Houweling Group has succeeded in producing a full-fledged jerry can from ‘The Plastic Soup’. A major achievement. It is the world’s first blow molding product made from ocean waste.

Based on the thought ‘It doesn’t stop with collecting plastic from the ocean; something has to be done with it’, Houweling Group collaborated to give a new, useful life to this material.

The 5 liter jerry can consists of 100% plastic soup, made in our own factory in Bleiswijk. An innovation that we are proud of given the difficulty of turning low-grade waste into a high-quality product. With this we prove that it is possible and that plastic is an excellent raw material that lends itself perfectly to a circular economy. Even if it has been discarded. How we deal with it makes the difference.

jerrycan van 100% ocean soup