Winner Innovation Award 2021

Our jerrycan made of recycled plastic with level line has been rewarded with the Empack Innovation award 2021. This prize for innovative packaging was awarded at the Empack in Mechelen.

Innovation Award

The Innovation Awards were presented during the Empack in Mechelen on 27 and 28 October. Our recycled plastic jerrycan with a line of sight was awarded the jury prize. All exhibitors of the Innovation Journey had a chance to win the Innovation Award. The Innovation Journey is a guided tour for visitors along the stands with the latest innovations. We were one of the exhibitors who were allowed to tell more about our product developments during that tour. There were two prizes to be won: the Innovation Award, which is presented by a jury of professionals and the Public Award, which is awarded to the innovation whose winner is chosen via an online competition. We are proud to have received the Innovation Award jury prize.

Recycled jerrycan

Our latest innovation is a 100% recycled plastic jerry can with a level line. The jerrycan is made of 100% recycled HDPE, the sight line is made of 50% recycled HDPE. The jerrycan with level line is a further step in the development of packaging made from recycled material. Fillers of jerrycans with level lines and brand owners can now also opt for a recycled version with sustainable benefits:

  • 75% savings on CO2 emissions
  • 95% reduction in the use of fossil raw materials
  • 99% waste mountain reduction

Opting for packaging made from recycled material is a conscious choice that contributes to a better world and a better image. Winning the Innovation Award is a token of our appreciation for the steps we are taking to make packaging more sustainable.

Dries Branders, Sales manager Belgium


Empack is the meeting point for the packaging industry and innovation is one of their pillars. Revolutionary materials, developments and technologies are crucial for the future of the packaging sector. Empack therefore likes to pay attention to sustainable innovations that help to meet the challenges of the future. They promise visitors to the Innovation Journey that it is a ticket to the future. In this message you can read on which Empack edition we will be present again to inform you personally about the latest developments in packaging made from recycled material.


We measure our performance internally, but are also curious how we perform compared to our competitors. That is why we regularly participate in awards. In this article you can read more about the awards we have received.