The Week of the Circular Economy 2022

The seventh Week of the Circular Economy is from Monday 7 to Saturday 12 February 2022. In that week we will tell you more about the circular possibilities in plastics, workwear, packaging and transport.

Personal sessions

In The Week of the Circular Economy, our specialists Frank Houweling, Dries Branders, Tom Bouwmeester and René Bunnik are happy to help you. In personal sessions they share our experience, knowledge and expertise in the field of packaging, work clothing and shoes, plastics and transport. The sessions take place at our three locations or online. Select the desired topics in the registration form and discover how we do circular business. Register here for a session: the form is only available in Dutch, but the information sessions are (also) given in French.

We care. We do. We fulfill.

We protect product, plant and person. With, for example, the development of packaging made of recycled plastic, the collection of used packaging or the sale of circular industrial clothing and work shoes. Together with our relations, we try to close as many chains as possible and to conserve valuable raw materials.

Participating not only gives us an opportunity to share our knowledge, but also to learn. It is great to see how participants inspire each other in the field of circular entrepreneurship.

Frank Houweling, accountmanager Houweling Group

The Week of the Circular Economy

The Week of the Circular Economy is from Monday 7 to Saturday 12 February 2022. During that week, participants will organize various events about the circular economy. The target? Show how circular entrepreneurship works in practice, so that visitors can learn from it.