Synvital biostimulants has been discontinued

Synerlogic, the producer of Synvital, has stopped producing Synvital. Our last delivery of biostimulants was last month.

End of Synvital

Houweling Group’s product range used to include Synvital’s vitality products. Synerlogic stopped production earlier in 2021 and at that point we also informed our customers. We have fulfilled all current orders for Synvital with the last stocks available.

New brand

In the future we will be launching the Dutch Grow brand, featuring a new range of natural products that will help growers generate optimal growth. Under the Dutch Grow brand, products that will ensure optimal plant development will be introduced in the coming years. The first Dutch Grow product, a biostimulant for a stronger and more resilient plant, is currently being tested extensively on various crops. You can keep up to date by subscribing to our newsletter.

We’d like to thank our customers for their trust in Synvital and will keep them informed about Dutch Grow’s developments

Thomas Douma, Sales / Research & Development at Houweling Group