Sustainability Winner at BMC award 2019

Houweling Group has for the third time qualified as one of the best managed companies in the Dutch small and medium-sized business sector. On 26 April 2019, Deloitte published the list of Best Managed Companies 2019. This year, 37 companies were able to hold the title Best Managed Company. Houweling Group was winner in the Sustainability category.

Best Managed Companies

The titles form part of the Best Managed Companies (BMC) programme of Deloitte. Each year, Deloitte evaluates companies on the basis of the Business Maturity Model, which identifies both the internal and external business profile. The eleventh edition of the BMC programme is quite special. For the first time there are nominations for those companies that are the most successful in the area of Sustainability, Innovation and Future of Work.


Patrick van Min, partner at Deloitte Tax & Legal and in charge of the Best Managed Companies programme: “We have noticed that the themes Sustainability, Innovation and Future of Work are playing an ever larger role within businesses. We offer a platform to those business that are successful in these areas. We consider this very valuable, as these are important points for the sustainable growth of businesses. We are proud to have included these fine, best managed Dutch businesses in our list.”


In 2018, our jerrycans of 100% recycled plastic, an innovation with which we close the chain, won an award. The jerrycans reduce the emissions of CO2, the use of fossil raw materials and the amount of waste. What’s more, in Bleiswijk we have started a major refurbishment that ensures that we keep our impact on the environment as low as possible. We do this by using the latest technologies and materials. This refurbishment enables us to provide a sustainable environment for our organisation.

Marc Houweling, Managing Director / Owner Houweling Group

Deloitte assessment

Each year Deloitte searches for the best managed Dutch small and medium-sized businesses. Deloitte assesses these businesses on the basis of the Business Maturity Model that has been developed together with the University of Utrecht. This model examines all the important organisational dimensions, both internal and external. The Best Managed Companies programme is aimed at Dutch businesses with a turnover of at least twenty five million euros that are financially sound and have a shareholder or independently authorised management.