Recycled plastic closures

We are introducing closures made from recycled plastic. The screw caps are suitable for jerrycans and have been extensively tested. Uzin Utz Nederland was involved in the development. They are the first business partner that has been using the recycled bottles, jerrycans and closures made from recycled plastic from Houweling Group.


With the development of a closure made from 100% recycled plastic, we have again made a step forward in our range of recycled products. In collaboration with various business partners, including Uzin Utz Nederland, in 2020 we produced a closure made from 100% rHDPE. This cap has, of course, been extensively tested in order to ensure the quality. And just like our packaging, the recycled cap was found to be just as good as a closure made from virgin plastic.

A first for Uzin Utz

The development of the closure was carried out in close collaboration with Uzin Utz Nederland. The global producer of materials for laying, maintaining and refurbishing all kinds of floors operates as sustainably as possible. They were therefore more than happy to study and test the caps with us, In addition to the closure for jerrycans, we are also working on a closure for bottles. The aim remains a 100% completely circular packaging of the same quality as packaging made from virgin material.

We care. We do. We fulfill.

The advantages of packaging and closures made from recycled plastic are:

  • reduces the use of fossil fuels
  • decreases CO2
  • reduces waste


You can now choose not only packaging made from recycled plastic, but also a suitable closure. The 45 mm screw closure is made from 100% rHDPE. The cap is blue and has a virgin closure ring. The closures are suitable for jerrycans and are available from stock.

During The Week of the Circular Economy we will be happy to tell you more about these closures. Or make an appointment with us for more information at some other time.

Frank Houweling, account manager at Houweling Group