Houweling Group acquires DeruNed

On 1 March 2022, DeruNed bv becomes part of Houweling Group. Through the acquisition of DeruNed, Houweling Group strengthens its position as a producer, supplier and service provider in the horticultural sector. Founder Jan Ruigrok of DeruNed confidently leaves his company and range of natural products in Bleiswijk in the good hands of Houweling Group.

Natural solutions

DeruNed bv was founded in 1996 and develops and produces natural solutions for growers: effective products based on organic nutrition, plant extracts and micro-organisms. Jan Ruigrok: “In the past 25 years, we have developed into a reliable producer and supplier for countless businesses. With a great cultivation result as our common goal” The solutions of DeruNed fit in with Houweling Group’s product range. They have traditionally supplied screen and glass cleaners, but in recent years have expanded their range to include vitality products and vermiculite with RHP certification. Marc Houweling, Managing Director and Owner of Houweling Group: “This year, we will also introduce Dutch Grow: a completely new product line with biostimulants for a stronger and more resilient plant. Natural products have a future in horticulture. By combining DeruNed’s expertise and facilities with our own, we contribute to a more environmentally friendly cultivation and a more sustainable future for horticulture.”


A number of Houweling Group employees are moving from the head office at Klapppolder 104 to the DeruNed location at Hoefweg 156 in Bleiswijk. These horticulture specialists will familiarise themselves with the processes and business partners of DeruNed. Jan Ruigrok will ensure there is a smooth transition of operations in the coming months. After that, he will slowly phase out his role within DeruNed.

DeruNed, like Houweling Group, is a family concern. The acquisition safeguards DeruNed’s future. At Houweling, continuity is paramount, so for the time being I will remain involved as advisor.

Jan Ruigrok, founder DeruNed

Future generations

The acquisition fits in well with the Houweling Group family of companies. It started in 1925 when Cor Houweling developed his first products. Later, it was his son Jan who developed the shading agents Witvast and then La Blanche. Both of these durable shading agents are still the most widely used in the world. Over the past 96 years, Houweling Group has developed into a protector of products, plants and people. Marc Houweling is the fourth generation. “We strive for a safe working environment for our business partners and future generations. By developing natural and environmentally friendly horticultural products, we contribute to a sustainable future.”

Sales outlets

The DeruNed products can continue to be ordered via the well-known horticultural suppliers. No changes will be made to the products themselves or the sales outlets.

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