Houweling Dutch Plantin starts in Canada

Houweling Dutch Plantin, a subsidiary of Houweling Group, has made a start in Canada. The organisation is a collaboration with the well-known Dutch Plantin.

Speaking the ‘same language’

Dutch Plantin is active throughout the world in the production and supply of coconut substrate. Houweling Group is a well-known player in the agricultural sector, and is a producer and supplier of horticultural products, packaging and personal protective equipment. Farmers in North America already make use of the knowledge and products of both organisations, but also have a need for personal contact. Contact with someone who literally and figuratively speaks their language and with whom they can talk about the weather and local politics. But also someone who can quickly pop over when necessary. Dutch Plantin and Houweling Group are therefore now also working together in Canada as well.


Jake Houweling represents both companies locally under the name Houweling Dutch Plantin. He is the person for all personal contacts on behalf of both organisations and the associated purchasing and sales.

Houweling Dutch Plantin is not part of Houweling Group, but is family. As a subsidiary, but also in person. Jake Houweling is my cousin. His father Ray Houweling is a well-known face in Canada as key account manager at Signify (LED lighting for the horticulture sector).

Marc Houweling, Managing director / Owner Houweling Group

The combination of Dutch Plantin substrates and the Houweling Group products ensures for a complete package for the horticulture sector in Canada. For further information, click on h-dp.ca.