Symeres is a leading, mid-sized trans-Atlantic contract research organisation in the field of medicines development and research. It has already worked with Houweling for 27 years and never had any doubts about the partnership, ‘The great aspect about working with Houweling is the openness and transparency,’ said Roy Bergman, supply-chain purchaser at Symeres. ‘With Houweling you always know where you stand. And the contacts with account managers who contribute ideas is simply refreshing!’


Symeres and Houweling agreed to set up an annual ordering system in 2021 , which resulted in a continuous stream of deliveries. It makes the purchaser’s job considerably easier and less frenetic. This in turn ensures that you do not have to search repeatedly for a new supplier.

Strict requirements

‘Symeres sets strict requirements for its suppliers. We make the highest-quality molecular solutions. So it is important to know how an ingredient will respond to the packaging. The supplier has to provide a lot of information,’ stated Bergman. ‘That was in the beginning rather unknown territory, but Houweling did a good job with it,’ confirmed the purchaser, ‘and we know exactly how things stand.’ The product documentation supplied always meets their wishes, which is extremely important for Symeres. For example, it clarifies how the packaging material will react to the contents. And can Symeres use this packaging or should another solution be sought? ‘A good collaboration with the supplier is essential,’ said the purchaser, ‘and that works just fine with Houweling.’

Waste control

For a company like Symeres, the processing of the waste produced is another important point of attention. It is important to them to know for a certainty that the waste is properly delivered to the waste processor. After all, they do not want trouble with the ADR checks or the road inspections. ‘We always use the IBCs and drums that we take in for the same materials, which makes it much simpler.

Because Houweling always has the documentation of the packaging in order, no hindrance is encountered at customs when exporting our products.’

Roy Bergman, supply-chain purchaser at Symeres


‘Our products are sent around the world. The products that we send in a packaging from Houweling in principle always pass through Customs. And few additional questions are asked,’ stated Roy Bergman. ‘Naturally, a large part is due to Symeres’ knowledge and expertise, but also those of Houweling because the product documentation is supplied correctly.’ In that respect, there is nothing to complain about, according to Bergman. ‘We have never had problems and the product is uninterrupted. I call that a great collaboration,’ recalled the purchaser. ‘Going home comfortably relaxed is important!’