With its plastic packagings, storage and transport, Houweling Group has been a partner of Bolidt for many years. The organisations have developed into experts in their specialist area over past decades. They are both looking for innovative applications in plastic, Houweling Group as a producer and supplier of jerrycans and buckets among other things, Bolidt as an expert in thermosetting plastics.

Chain partners in packagings

Houweling Group provides solutions for Bolidt. Fred van Beek, Commercial Director, states: ‘Our service and products safeguard Bolidt’s flooring systems. Packagings ensure that the contents remain protected and our own transport and storage guarantee the continuous availability of these packagings. Our recoservice collects packagings which are used during the production process, thereby preventing waste and environmental damage. So we make sure that our clients can focus on the things they are best at’.

Price-quality ratio

The Bolidt flooring systems are packed as individual components in jerrycans with various volumes and the distinctive orange cap. The jerrycans are provided with a so-called UN-X certification as the liquids have to be transported safely all over the world. That certification guarantees the highest level of protection and packaging quality. Bolidt chose the favourable price-quality ratio offered by Houweling Group for this task.

Delivery reliability

Bolidt uses various different buckets for the testing, sampling and mixing on site of the different components of the flooring systems. Houweling Group manages the stock at its site in Bleiswijk, as it does for the jerrycans. The Bolidt warehouse in Hendrik-Ido Ambacht can then fill the packagings which have been delivered as quickly as possible following receipt and send them onwards. The delivery reliability of Houweling Group is essential for this process.

Our chain would not work if it was not for partners like Houweling Group. If we are looking at new developments, we request the expertise of Houweling Group. They bring their innovations in the field of packaging to our attention at the same time. In the meantime we can be absolutely certain that our products are safely packaged as they make their way round the world.

Marcel van den Berg, Purchaser at Bolidt